Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – SEVENTEEN

(back / left to right) Wonwoo, Jun, Woozi, Vernon, DK, Seungkwan, S.Coups, The8, Mingyu
(front / left to right) Hoshi, Josua, Jeonghan, Dino

SEVENTEEN is the newest male group under Pledis Entertainment. Their story goes back to training all together for a long time and of course a survival variety show, Seventeen Project: Big Debut Plan, that showed how they prepared for their debut time.

Their debut showcase was the beginning of promotions. Seventeen debuted on May 26 with a live showcase: the first male K-pop group to debut with a 1-hour live showcase on a major broadcasting channel.

The title track was “Adore U”, expressing the feelings of young love. One of the songs that was a big hit from their mini album too was an up beat catchy song that we first listened at their survival show called Shining Diamond. Of course their fandoms name ended up being CARAT.

Despite the group originating from a relatively small company, the album ranked ninth on the Billboard World Albums chart a week after its release and peaked at eighth, staying on the chart for a total of eleven weeks. 17 Carat later ranked 9th on Billboard’s list of the 10 Best K-pop Albums of 2015, the only rookie album on the list.

Moving on to their first comeback, “MANSAE” from the mini album “Boys Be”. Showing their talent at everything, literally, they became one of the killer rookies of 2015-2016. I need to clarify that the group is divided into 3 different categories. They have the rappers, the vocalists and the dancers showing off exactly what teamwork means. They also write, record and produce their albums themselves!

The album debuted at #1 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart. The group was listed as the only K-Pop group under Billboard’s 21 Under 21 chart for the most promising young artists of the year, and also earned them various awards, such as the Golden Disk Awards and the Seoul Music Awards.

On December 4 a digital single titled “Q&A” was released by Seventeen. The single featured members S.Coups, Woozi and Vernon, who were joined by singer Ailee. The track was revealed to have been created the previous year by Woozi, long before the group’s debut.

And now the final review! Their first full album, First Love Letter, is out with the title track “Pretty U”, an up beat love song again! I’m not complaining since it is stuck in my head for good for days. The album has new songs and remixes of their old ones, pretty good for a trip / vacation playlist. The album ranked in Japanese stores despite there being no Japanese promotions which mean the SEVENTEEN fever is getting bigger.

You can follow their SNS for more updates and information



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