Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – Nam Woohyun


INFINITE‘s main vocalist Nam Woohyun made, finally, his solo debut after 6 years of being active in the kpop scene. This is something we, clearly, all need to celebrate!!

For years he requested going solo but Woollim Ent., his company, said he wasn’t capable of because his voice is monotoned. Well, this is true since Woohyun is an emotional singer and, trust me, no one wants to listen to ballads every-single-day. Because except his voice his favorite genre it really is ballads.. But being underrated so many years because of that is pretty much RUDE for an artist with a history like him.

He always made appearances in the past on “Immortal Song” showing off his other-than-emotional-voice skills leaving the crowd speechless! That was the time when he tried to “clear up” his name but he failed miserably since we, INSPIRITS, couldn’t even accept it.

In 2015 when INFINITE went on tour he revealed for the first time a non-ballad song that he wrote and recorded himself! The title is “Everyday” and it’s an up beat song with lots of wanna be rock vibes! If this isn’t motivation, to change his image once again, then i don’t know what it is! You can clearly hear the fans going crazy over it!

His mini with the title “Write..” is not a simple album full of emotional tracks. Shocking! His title song “끄덕끄덕” is talking about a love story, you can enjoy his melodically voice going smoothly along the M/V. To me the best-of-the-best is the track called Gravity that needs to be promoted! I don’t know how! It just needs to happen!

You can follow his SNS to find more information and updates



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