Jain Song worked her way up, at least to my eyes, with this awesome collection! Natural color boards, jeans and lace everywhere. I’m pretty satisfied with this!

She is inspired by every woman living city life who loves our mother nature and animals, who cares for our environment. Those daily inspired designs provide the unique style and high ended quality with strong attention to detail that makes every woman look gorgeous and feel fabulous.

What did we learn today, again? That basic minimalistic pieces are always relevant! I told you that since day one and even though it’s not easy when your style is more funky and artsy fartsy. In this situation pieces like these are the blank base you can experience your style over and over again!

The styling as simple as ever, along with the hairstyle! Shoes on fleek! Such a styling paradise.

The music can get you confused because of the sudden pauses but other than that it was aesthetic enough to make me excited.



source @ HERA SFW


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