Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung, former member of Girls’ Generation and CEO of the multi brand BLANC & ECLARE made her debut as a solo artist under Coridel Εntertainment!

I’m really happy to finally being able to talk about her music career! The music style that she chose for her first mini “With Love, J” was harmony to my ears! Considering also the fact that she wrote and rearranged all the songs herself is kind of big deal! They all have this dreamy vibe that suits perfect for summer vacations.

Her first M/V is titled “Fly” showing off the strong positive lyrics about believing in yourself and dreams. That’s new from all the ‘love concepts’ that have been released lately!

Her second M/V for “Love Me The Same” is really close to the ‘love concept’. She just couldn’t get away from it. Other than that the song is about evolving and growing up while people around you, lovers and friends, keep accepting you. Pretty deep but because of the music it lightens the mood.

It’s really pathetic and sad how her old company is trying to bring her down. She is banned from performing on music shows and her M/Vs for “unfitted for broadcast” problems. We all know why this is happening and to be honest I was never a SONE or close to liking any of the members, so clearly im un-biased here, and it gets me mad. She is an artist after all!

Can’t wait to see what’s next in her career!

You can follow her SNS to find more information and updates



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