KIOK killed it in this year’s F/W SFW! Holy hell this is amazing! A nice put up runway / collection, in my opinion, needs to make you numb questioning everything. It needs to leave you speechless in both good and bad way. Kiok Kang achieved perfection along with her duo designers “PURIFY AND JUSTICE”.

The pieces were unique, so was the styling as it does not focus on target age. Rather it focuses on personality of a brand. From the fur ear-piercings and flats to the denim jackets and coats. Each of them screamed a story that I’m really curious to find out probably in her coming up collection for S/S 2017.

The choreographed intro and the music along the runway was so fierce that I had to re-watch it just to make sure i didn’t miss anything! So many details in everything make me want to cringe as myself, I’m not into it that much.

All and all im really excited that South Korea’s designers are evolving so fast in so little time. World, it’s really time to freaking catch up now!



source @ HERA SFW


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