KUMANN introduced its collection for F/W with a lot of pillows! Yoo Hyejin staying true to her approach of half-couture with artistic concepts and forms created some marvelous pieces and some casual / basic ones.

First of all the runway was so delicate that amazed me right away. Letting the models walk differently that the ‘original catwalk walk’ is always inspiring and open-minded.

The pieces were basically in natural and basic colors as the details were mostly red and blue. From minimal coats to curvy edged skirts, from LBDs to checked cloths. They were shows smoothly and harmonically making me watch it without any distractions.

The music started off pretty annoying for my liking but thankfully it changed to a more high-class one. It actually fitted perfect for the couture image KUMANN is placing out in the public eye.

If you want to learn more about the designer go HERE.



source @ HERA SFW

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