Kwak Hyunjoo, the designer, showed off amazing pieces and inspiration. One of the best in this year’s SFW!

The inspiration, if I understood correctly, is based on modern type romance that still keeps the old basic meaning. Romance’s true colors are black and red symbolizing death and passion. The last 20 years or so that meaning changed to something more girly and joyful changing the colors to white and pink.

The collection had amazing pieces that can be worn on daily basic lifestyle. Especially the male pieces were the real bombs! They can transform into a high-class dress code because of the fabrics, clever move! The color board kept all 4 colors, as basics, along with the meanings presenting it harmonically. And that a really hard thing to do!

The music blow me away as it started off calm and dark. The changes along with the mood of the collection were a perfect match made in heaven and hell!

The female hairstyle fitted to the fierce twists they had. Inspired, probably, from Jeremy Scott’s latest collections. I’m not even complaining!

If you want to learn more about the designer go HERE.



source @ HERA SFW


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