KYE is back again with a pleasurable collection. Her new aesthetics may take away the monster-like image but the vibes are still here!

The music was smooth this year. Bizarre but I don’t complain about it since the bass was good enough to keep the models straight.

Flu colors, fur and cellphones are the main trend setters this year and I totally agree with her. Pastel colors are always relevant for a chic / girly look. Mostly the pieces were everyday ones that can be mixed and matched to create a more edgy night out style.

The styling along with the make up and hairstyle were quite interesting. Sneakers on the special pieces and heels or boots to the casual ones. I see you Kathleen! The make up though freaks me out way too much. Some models looked totally fine but others were seemed deformed (?) and that was quite disturbing.



source @ HERA SFW


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