Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – MONSTA X

MONSTA X is back with a new massive hit that you all need to listen to! Their whole mini actually is a must. Most of the tracks are upbeat while there’s only two kind-of love songs. To be honest I do get the feeling, in this album, that Jooheon got the lead just like Trespass and I’m loving it even more! This time Wonho also participated in the lyrics and arrangement.

Let’s break down the M/V.

From the X CLAN title it gives you the feeling of a gang bang. They even revealed that their relationships in the whole story line is way more than friendly. I see what you did there director.

Another hint there was also the PART. 1 in the title. As far as we know there’s going to be another part to complete the series, or maybe more..? That way we can understand the meaning of the flower and all these weird scenes with them wearing white, holding guns running to a purple beating heart.

Only 3 stories were shown this time Shownu’s, Hyungwon’s and Minhyuk’s. Wonho said that there are more clues in the M/V than we all can think of and once the series end everything will be clear. I wonder what MONBEBE missed this time!

If you want to learn more about the group just go HERE.

Let’s, also, not forget about the “Dance Practice”. It clearly wasn’t one but I’m not going to complain, I will just keep waiting patiently for a Wonho nipple appreciation post!

Also K.Will‘s, STARSHIP Ent. CEO, R&B version of the title track All In that brings out another image that I didn’t even think of!


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