It’s true, my judgmental eye has changed the past weeks but I’m realising it now. The robe fashion fever is here to stay for at least 2 more years. Time to love it folks! It’s time to feel like home even when we are outside.


Just to give you a hint about him, Nam Noah, because I know you have seen his clothes before! Do you remember last year when this weirdly cool shirt, with a couple of country and state names spelling with some hangul letters, started selling like crazy? Well he is the one who create it! Can I have one for my birthday please?

The first thing that got me excited was the “HOTEL NOHANT” theme. I bet they took inspiration from “The Grand Budapest Hotel” hit movie back in 2014. It fits perfectly with the whole collection that I can re-watch the video without getting annoyed!

The collection got way too much going on with robes, night dresses and coats. It screams “comfortable” so it kind of sends you this vibe along. Denim pieces complete the looks along with the styling for simple but bold colored shoes, just to spark the eye.

Shout-out to the female DJ at the decks that I have no information about!



source @ HERA SFW


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