Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – SISTAR

(left to right) Dasom, Bora, Hyolin, Soyou

The ultimate summer Queens are back and of course I’m talking about the B.E.S.T SISTAR! But first let’s go down the rabbit hole aka memory line.

They debuted back in 2010 with “Push Push” following the girl group fever.

The group returned with their second single Shady Girl later on the same year. The group received a lot of media attention when a fan-taken video was uploaded online showing the group filming their performance at “Let’s Start Sharing Concert”.

During the middle of their performance, member Bora suddenly fell onstage, fracturing her thumb. This prompted the other members to stop singing and assist her off the stage with the help of staff. After a while, Bora returned to stage along with the other members to finish filming their performance. The video went of course viral on the internet.

Only one year after their debut SISTAR formed a sexy duo with the members Hyolin and Bora naming it SISTAR19, for obvious reasons. “Ma Boy” was a hit back then and later on in their career this song was performed by them as a 4 member girl group.

Another summer comeback with another hit! “So Cool” was the song I got to “meet” the group and at that time it was my go-to-song. In early April it was announced that the broadcast of their “So Cool” comeback showcase globally in 41 countries!! Hello Hallyu.

“Alone” was next giving a leveled up SISTAR19 vibe to it. That’s when they became less dorky and more sensual in M/Vs. Filmed in Las Vegas you instantly know they were getting big. I think that time was when they revealed in a variety show that they trained with high heels. If you think about it SISTAR is the only girl group that performed with killer heels..

If you think about it “Alone” didn’t have that summer vibe so the follow-up song “Loving U” brought up the usual SISTAR mood! If you are a Korean music lover then you probably caught yourself singing the song out of the blue, don’t try to hide it! We all love it!

If, on the other hand, you are reading this review to find more about SISTAR then I guess I made you a new summer playlist!

Did you miss SISTAR19?! Because they made an even hotter comeback! This song is still on my ‘aesthetic’ playlist I KID YOU NOT. Hyolin’s high vocal was a huge thing to discuss about back then.

Their recording label, Starship Entertainment, announced on May 16, 2013 that they will return mid-June, with a second full album. SISTAR released photo teasers of all the members for “Give It to Me” and revealed that they will have a Moulin Rouge theme. When the freaking company prepares you mentally for like half month for this you damn know that this will be epic. And it was! “Give It To Me” is still a hit even to this day!

This post just got hotter or is it just me? “Touch My Body” was yet another summer hit as you can see! 2014 was the butt wiggle wiggle thing if I remember correctly so that gave some inspiration to their, non existence, butts. That was a bad joke and I’m not even sorry.

Their follow-up title track was I Swear, a cute summer loving song with the girls just playing around.

Hi, yes hello! If you are an architecture lover please go ahead and do yourself a favor by checking out COMMON GROUND. If you are also a MONBEBE appreciate MONSTA X‘s, strippers, Wonho and Shownu being boy-toys of the day and then pink hot policemen. And lastly but not least the creepy guy Kang Kyunsung from NOEL.

They make it known that they do not need to rely on their sexy image they have cultivated over the years. By keeping the video fresh and bubbly, with a choreography routine composed of sexy, cute and silly dances moves. They indeed promote healthy body vibes.

We are now in 2016, it’s June 26 and SISTAR released another comeback hit. Let’s start with the fact that the concept is based on a femme fatale theme which I totally loved! Now for the song, I have to be honest and say that it didn’t sugarcoat my ears ar first but now I’m weirdly addicted!

I seriously need more of these vibes in my life!!

Hyolin has already made a solo debut while Soyou features on indie artists throughout the years.

You can follow their SNS for more updates and information

Instagram – Hyolin / Bora / Soyou / Dasom


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