PUSHBUTTON‘s F/W and A/S collections are the ones your soul wants to see each year. I know that deep down you all wait for Park Seunggun‘s masterpieces. If you don’t then probably something is wrong with you, obviously!

Starting with the collection that confused me way too much, I will say that all the season trends are indeed included. Lingerie, bombers and of course their sponsor SAMSUNG. If you belong in the iPHONE family I kind of pity you.

The styling is SO MUCH. I’m used to more simple and minimal styles but this just went over the top! I wasn’t shocked though, I enjoyed every little detail that appeared. Some tricked my eyes but I got them!

The music was the only negative thing because it was pissing me off. So slow and deep while I was struggling to understand what I was watching. I would expect something definitely more heart-racing.



source @ HERA SFW



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