Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – Fei

Fei is one of the, remaining 3, members of JYP‘s girl group MISS A. They debuted in 201o hitting the #1 in the charts pretty fast.

This time, the chinese member, Fei prepared a pretty addicting mini album for her debut!

You can listen to it HERE.

The title track “Fantasy” got an M/V alongside the release of the mini. Being RATED19+ you kind of understand the whole concept. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t ever imagine Fei supporting something like that. But her voice suited so smoothly with the style that blown my ears away when I did a first listen of it.

The M/V is pretty much futuristic with all the VCR parts and edits. Pretty unique and mostly sexy! Nowadays this industry went a bit too much with the female body sexualisation but I think this one kept it classy and seductive as it is in real life!

I’m so excited to see the MISS A members have activities! Now it’s time for Min’s long-awaited solo, that got postponed for years now, right JYP??!!!

You can follow her SNS for more updates and information



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