Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – OMG

(left to right) Arin, Seunghee, Yooa, Hyojung, Jiho, Binnie, JinE, Mimi

They debuted in 2015 and since then they achieved the title of South Korea’s sweethearts. And I kid you not, the more you listen to them the more sugary it becomes.

Their official first released track was “Cupid” showing off exactly the group’s image. It may be cute but it will get you addicted in a blink of an eye, trust me.

Later on their second mini album “Closer” was released. The title track and M/V was something new and extraordinary for the industry. New foreign producers and song writers approach the group creating this master piece that we were all craving for. Showing a more mature image and a choreography that blew everyone’s mind.

I’m pretty sure that after “Closer” their styled changed. And that can be confirmed with their next single “Liar Liar”. The sound is something between extreme cuteness and young ageing, let’s say around 20.

I don’t know about you but their title tracks keeps getting better and better as time passes by!

Right before summer they gifted us with “Windy Day”, an upbeat song with a really interesting music twist and a lot of aesthetic-ness! Can we also talk about the evolutionary choreographies? I’m so glad that the past year some cute groups went overboard the standards with not matching-to-the-standards choreos. Like LOVELYZ and GFriend.

And last but not least, Oh-My-Girl gifted us with a totally summer hit with a lot of reggae vibes in it. The title song is “Listen To My Word” and of course it’s your next favorite! Just like the thumb nail of the video the word a-ing became the next trade mark! A-ING~

You can follow the group’s SNS for more updated and information



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