Weekly Entertainment Appreciation K-Music – B.A.P

My brain is fighting with my fangirl-ism and that’s a not good sign!

B.A.P is back with, if you can atually call this 3-track-thing, a new mini album! It’s called “Put ’em Up” and basically is nothing close to their style.

If You want to know a bit more about them go HERE.

Okay, I know in S.Korea lately this EDM fever is going on, and I’m not complaining since the songs that come out recently are bombs, BUT this is B.A.P. Their style is mostly on the rock / heavy side, with some “commercial” breaks like their last track, before this mess, “Feel So Good”.

Just to clerify I have to say that I am obssesed with the song! I liked, obviously, all the tracks and I have them on repeat since they scream summer. BUT DON’T GET CONFUSED. THESE ARE NOT EVEN CLOSER TO THEIR ORIGINAL STYLE. Or at least that’s what I keep repeating in my head to get over this fight between my brain and my fangirl side.

You can listen to the full album HERE.


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